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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Long time no post

Well, I started this blog back in July and sorta lost interest/time as I was packing to move from OKC to Norman. I've been in Norman now since the end of September. I LOVE not having to get on the highway to get to work, but I sure do miss all the conveniences I had living in NW OKC.

Knitting, my addiction, is still as strong as ever if not more so now! I don't even want to count how many projects I have on needles. lol Instead I'd rather report the projects I've finished. I've knitted several washcloths, the most recent being the DW washcloth using a variegated cotton yarn. Beautiful washcloth, but now I understand it will fade with use very quickly. Maybe I won't ever use it? lol I completed my first felted stocking. It turned out nicely but I sorta regret my color choice and don't want to add the beautiful piece of fur I bought to use as a cuff. I think I'll save it and do another sometime soon. I also completed the beach beanie in Hats, a Knitter's Dozen. It turned out really cute. I'm working on a second one (two nieces) out of Fixation by Cascade. It's looking very nice and I'm half afraid to say it but I haven't had to start over once!!! I know the stitch pattern this time around and I'm following my stitches and not trying to follow the written pattern.

I've been inspired by other blogs I've read and hope to "fluff" this one up when I figure out how!!!