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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is it the computer or me?

Is it the computer or me? I never thought I'd find something so difficult to figure out but this blog and posting pictures is a pure puzzle to me. As you can tell, I did post pictures, but I sure didn't mean for all of them to be on here at the same time! Oh well. Maybe it is me. I put a crock pot full of soup on a bit ago. Trying to get ready for a nice snow. Ok, maybe it won't be nice but I can hope, right? I would hope for a nice thick blanket of wet snow that allows me to stay home tomorrow and knit all day. Lexi would sure appreciate that since I was gone most of this past weekend. I'm knitting on a gift scarf for a coworker. I had to search around to find the yarn I needed but finally did succeed. Its half finished and our gift exchange is the 21st. I think I might make it. lol I ran across a site for Kitty Pi today. I'm adding that project to my "want to do" list. I think Lexi would make a wonderful Kitty Pi. I hear knitting needles calling my name, guess I'd better get busy!


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