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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Late Wednesday Night

I don't know that Susan, Margaret or Emily will go back and see my response to the bumper sticker comments, so I'll say it again here. I think those would make GREAT bumper stickers. Do you think that would be a good way to raise money for the guild??

Today was our office Christmas lunch and gift exchange. The aqua scarf I had at the guild meeting Sunday, went over very well. The young lady I knitted it for asked me hours you have my name? I gave an Oscar winning performance of lying and convincing her I didn't have it. I hate to lie like that. She was so distracted in watching everyone opening their gifts that it took her a few minutes to realize she didn't have her gift yet. So when I handed her the box, her mouth fell open and she said "you lied to me!" Darn it, I had too. lol She truly loved the scarf and told me over and over it was exactly what she wanted.

Another coworker was leaving us to take another job and I bought some of the same yarn, different color for her a scarf but then she changed her last date to an earlier date and I couldn't make that deadline. She has a birthday coming up next month so I started working on it tonight.

I have two wonderful coworkers who agreed to model my knitted hats so that I could take pictures. The guy has gorgeous red hair and you can't tell it because of the hat. (Just wanted to give him his due. lol) and the young lady modeling the pink beanie is the recipient of the aqua scarf but the pictures were taken previous to the gift exchange.

It's waaaaaaay past my bedtime. If I stay up this late come Saturday, Santa won't come!!


Anonymous Margaret said...

Great job, Kay! Having seen your scarve - I know the recipient loved it!

That's a great idea about the bumper stickers raising money for the guild!

6:19 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

Those hats look great Kay!

4:26 PM  
Blogger Susan said...

Nice job on the hats! And great models too.

Wonder what all we would have to do to create bumper stickers or lapel pins? I like the idea!

10:14 PM  
Anonymous Margaret said...

Merry Christmas, Kay!

6:29 AM  
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