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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back to work, ugh!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I traveled to Colorado Springs in 5 short days. There is something about doing nothing but sitting in the car that wears me out almost as much as a day filled with physical activity! Actually, this trip wasn't as painful as previous trips. I drove from Norman to Amarillo and then my son drove the rest of the way to and back. Sooooo, what did I do? Knitting!!! of course! I am working on another scarf like the aqua but this time in burgandy. It's a gift also for a coworker who left to take a job in Tulsa. Only thing is, she is traveling on her new job and will spend 6 weeks in the frigid climes of Minnesota! I think she'll need this scarf.

My one and only sister is quite the artist. I was so excited when she told me she'd taken up knitting. Then disappointed when she only wanted to KNIT and wasn't interested in purling. lol That was last year. I took my felted Christmas stocking to show her and she fell in love with felting. So she eagerly let me teach her how to purl. I bought her yarn, instructions, circular needles so she can start making and felting things. She knits like no one else I've ever seen, so it took a couple of days for her to get her yarn/finger thing to where she was comfy. When I left she was crying for me to write down the instructions of how to felt. I told her I'd send it in an email and did. I can't wait to see what she comes up with. She showed a particular interest in bowls and vases. I wished I could show you all her projects in her house. Not only is she a fantastic decorator, she does her own DIY projects. I did manage to get some pictures of the mosiac project she did on the outside of her fireplace. I also got a couple of snaps of "houses" she makes out of paper. Sorry, a written description just won't do it justice. The pics are at home and I'll post later tonight. I guess I'm going on and on when I should just say, I'm so proud of her.

She also created several logos for our knitting guild. She did more than one so we'd have a choice. I have two I'm torn between. I need to get with Susan so she can see also. I didn't know a lamb in the shape of yarn could be so cool!!! (just a hint there lol)

Ok, I'm on lunch break. Just wanted to post to let you know I'm still out here. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.


Blogger Emily said...

Can't wait to see the logos!

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Terri said...

Kay, Can't wait for the next knit in and guild meeting to see your scarf (if you still have it by then).


6:00 PM  

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