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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Almost TGIF!!

Of course there is a story behind these pictures. Lexi may be the only kitty on the block with her own water fountain. She had a kidney infection a few years ago and I always try to keep plenty of fresh water for her. So when I heard about these water fountains and how the oxygen level in the water enticed pets to drink more water, I had to get one. Lexi has had one for almost a year now. If you'll notice in the pictures, there is a transparent blue resevoir to the left. In the first picture it appears Lexi is just lapping up water like she is a parched kitty. The real truth is, she is lapping up water like crazy in hopes that she'll cause some bubbles to gurgle in the resevoir. Notice how she's on the left side of the fountain in picture 2 and 3. She has jumped to that side trying to catch those bubbles. lol I'll catch her drinking water and eyeing that resevoir and know she's just drinking so she can play. Like most cats, she doesn't want any water ON her. But she'll bat at the water in the bowl portion in hopes that it might cause more bubbles to gurgle. It is just lots of fun to watch her. She's a funny girl.

I went to the Thursday night Sit and Knit here in Norman tonight. We had a great time. Vanessa brought her very first sweater she ever knitted and it was knitted with intarsia designs on the front and back. It was gorgeous! Not only were we impressed that she did a fine job with the intarsia but that she also did a fantastic job on her first sweater ever! We have several sock knitters, Vanessa, Rosemary and Shanidy all were working on very colorful socks. Vanessa and Shanidy were doing Magic Loop and Rosemary was working with delicate Lantern Moon dp's. Rebecca was working on her gorgeous pale blue cardigan. Her yarn is so pretty and has a very nice feel to it. Susan was working on her purple sweater and Denise had a fun fur scarf on the needles. I can't believe I didn't notice what Tandi was working on. If you read this, forgive me Tandi! Three ladies joined us late and two were Gourmet Yarn Knit-In attendees who had driven all the way from NW OKC to join us. Let me see if Jenny's thing worked. Jello is for Jenny, Cat is for Candy and Apples for Ashley. (I hope I spelled all those names correctly!) lol Anyway, we had a great time and if any other knitters, crochet people or stitchers of any sort wish to join us, we meet there each Thursday at 7, Border's in Norman.

Margaret is back and I'm excited. She's going to have some new things soon and I can hardly wait. I told Susan I'd make it to Knitty Committee this Saturday. Hmmmm, I wonder if I can wake up, get around and get dressed and on the road before it ends at noon? lol


Blogger Terri said...

Kay, see you there this morning. Interesting idea about the kitty fountain. I will have to talk to you more about it.


8:50 AM  
Blogger Tandi said...

It was good to see you Thursday, I really enjoy that group. You'll have to stop by my blog some time if you have a minute-

10:33 AM  

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