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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Knitting Articles

The sock above was knitted by the lady in the picture. Please forgive me if I remembered this incorrectly, but I believe her name is Sherry. She was at the guild meeting this past Sunday. I love blues and greens ( as Terri will verify) and I fell in love with her socks. Pretty! Pretty!

I believe Terri is responsible for this next item also. If you go to Google there is a way to notify Google to send you emails whenever your "topic" appears on the net. I can't recall exactly how to do this, but, I get 3 or 4 emails a week notifying me of knitting articles. This is where I learned the word cognoscenti. And another email brought this phrase: Ribs, purls and beer. I thought the articles were very interesting and I need to thank Terri for bringing that Google feature to my attention.

Tomorrow night is the weekly knit meeting at Border's here in Norman. I'm looking forward to it. I just get excited when I am going to sit amongst other knitters and see their projects.

Good news!! UPS attempted to deliver my new computer today. I wasn't home, but at work, so I'll be home during the delivery window tomorrow and ultimately be FREE of the blue screen of death!! lol

Shelly, the lambs are some logo items my sister created for our guild. While we chose another logo, we wanted to use the lambs as part of our guild. We are going to get them trademarked so they belong to our guild. Susan downloaded the logo to the OKC Metro Knitter's Guild Yahoo Group site, but I don't think the lambs are on there yet. Anyway, there are 4 or 5 and Susan decided they needed names and that would be a perfect excuse for a contest! lol I have the originals and if I remember I'll bring them Thursday evening and show them to you.


Blogger Susan said...

YEAH - no more blue screen of death! And all I need is yet ANOTHER knit related on the internet to keep track of - lol!

Have fun at Borders tomorrow!

10:20 PM  

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