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Friday, July 07, 2006

Nina Shawl Update

STRIPES!! I just love this color combo. I never would have dreamed I'd like a bright pink but with the zinnia orange, I love it. This is a very simple knit with the fair isle being the biggest "challenge". And it really isn't much of a challenge. Believe me. It's the colors that just reach out and grab me.

As you can see I've made some progress but not a lot. Isn't it funny how a job can get in the way of our knitting? Hopefully I'll get some serious knitting done this weekend.

You didn't think you'd read a post without some Lexi content did you? lol I wished I knew how to put those captions in that Crazy Aunt Purl uses. I could really have some fun with this picture because contrary to popular believe cats can talk. When I got Lexi she wasn't much of a talker. My previous cat, Thunder Kitty, was a talker. I'd ask her a question and she'd reply. So it took me awhile to get Lexi to respond to me. Yesterday morning I was gathering my stuff to leave for work. The eastern sun was shining thru the back door and kitchen window and Lexi LOVES her sunbeams. She was rolling around on the floor in the sunbeam talking to me. What was she saying? She was telling me she needed some foot lovin's before I left for work.

And this is the routine we go thru most mornings. It always includes foot lovin's but the sunbeam is a nice extra. It was difficult taking this picture. lol I usually have to put a hand on something to keep my balance and she went out into the middle of the room (that's where the sunbeam was) so I had to pull a chair over to hold onto, balance, rub my foot down her side AND snap the picture. lol She rolls from side to side so I can rub each side with my foot. Once in a blue moon she'll roll over onto her back and let me give the tummy spots some foot lovin's. But most often the tummy spots are off limits.


Blogger Susan said...

Love the orange and pink, it's gorgeous!

8:57 AM  

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