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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Goodbye Vanessa!

This is Vanessa and I know her most from our Sit n Stitch group here in Norman. Thursday was her last night with us. She's moving out of state for new adventures!!

This is a picture of her latest pair of socks she is knitting. Vanessa is just amazing in that if she sees a project she wants to knit she doesn't let it intimidate her. Correct me if I have this wrong but Vanessa wanted to knit a sweater with intarsia and went to Guthrie and got a pattern for some elaborate gorgeous sweater with a TON of intarsia. She brought it one night to our group and it is gorgeous. She did a fantastic job.

Vanessa picked up another skill and hobby in the short time we've known her, spinning. This is a skein of merino/silk that she spun herself. If she had not told us she'd spun it I would have thought she bought it at the store. Anyway, we are going to miss her so much. But hopefully she'll stay in touch with email and her blog.

And just in case you've missed my little Lexi girl, here she is hiding under the towel from the fan breeze.


Anonymous rebecca said...

the way I heard Vanessa tell the story, she bought the kit for the intarsia sweater as her FIRST knitting project. the lady who sold it to her did not know it was her first project and later said she would never have recommended it if she had known.

Of course, Vanessa did a beautiful job on it!

3:24 PM  

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