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Monday, January 02, 2006

Do I have to?

go back to work tomorrow. Ugh. What is it about a few days off that makes me want to be a woman of leisure like Lexi? Maybe I should ask her to bring home the bacon for awhile and let me nap and relax all day. Ok, useless thought, I know.

I had planned to clean, dust and try to unpack a few more boxes (yes, I still have a bedroom full of unopened boxes from moving). Sometimes it takes me an hour or more to "come to" in the morning. By the time I did my computer was acting up. It did so the night before too. Long story short and one visit from a Cox technician, I have a new modem. I don't know why that threw such a monkey wrench into my plans. I still cleaned and dusted, painted on the shelves some and even got a nap in! Oh and made some delicious taboli. I even knitted a wee bit on the gift scarf. 2.5 sections plus fringe to go. No big news, just one day where I didn't put on makeup nor leave the house. Heaven. lol


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