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Saturday, June 10, 2006

A scorcher of a day

Ok, it's only June and not even mid-June and we're having August temps. I swear the heat and humidity in this state make me want to move!

I wanted to get some Bemberg Rayon sometimes known as Ambiance today. I thought if any store had it it would be Helen Enox Fabrics. Well, they don't carry it. Grrrrrrrrr J. Boyer Fabrics in Tulsa carried it but they are no longer in business. I guess I'll be ordering it online. While I was there I ran into Susan F. We looked at fabric for awhile and I didn't see anything I couldn't live without, today. lol

I later went to Gourmet Yarn and sat and visited with Sandy and Liz while they wound some feathery yarn by hand. I managed to not buy any yarn either!! Then I ran up to Barnes and Noble to visit with Emily for a bit. Then we went to get Susan B. and the three of us had dinner at Abuelo's to celebrate her birthday.

So after all the shopping I did today you'll never guess what I did buy.......a cotton thermal blanket!!! lol In this

Not much else to write about. No pictures. Hope everyone is staying cool.


Anonymous rebecca said...

We had lunch at Abuelo's on Friday before seeing "Prairie Home Companion" which we thorougly enjoyed. What a lovely place for you to celebrate a birthday!

7:35 AM  
Blogger Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

It sounds like a wonderful day! : )

I'm so glad that you enjoyed Susan's birthday celebration. I hope that Susan had a wonderful day, too!

Where did you find a cotton thermal blanket? Helen Enox, Gourmet Yarn, Barnes & Noble, Abuelo's???? This weekend I've been drawn to buying large amounts of ice and water sprinklers!


5:13 PM  
Blogger Kay said...

Bed Bath and Beyond. I went in to buy new sheets and came out with the thermal blanket. lol

5:40 PM  

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