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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Well, you see Officer, it was really very simple.....

I've done some amazing things regarding yarn since I've started knitting but I think Monday had to be the funniest. My Yarn Priest aka Margaret asked me when I was in her shop if I would mind taking some yarn back to Norman with me. It was a bag of 20 skeins of some very soft Merino yarn for a customer who lived here in Norman. The customer had already paid for the yarn and said she'd pick it up the next time she was in but Margaret knew a way to get it to her more quickly. So Margaret calls the customer while I'm there and gives her my work number and name and tells her I'll have it and she can reach me on Monday. Monday rolls around and about midmorning the customer calls and asks where I work. I tell her the nearest corner, find out what type of car to look for, find out she's only 10 minutes away and tell her I'll be outside watching for her to just pull into a parking spot. So I'm downstairs standing on the sidewalk along beautiful downtown Norman on Main street with traffic whizzing by. I notice there are no parking spots to be had. (It gets that way sometimes until the Ticket Nazi comes around but that's another story.) Pretty soon I see a dark blue car and notice the driver is looking at me as she comes around the corner. No parking spots still so I'm walking towards the street. The customer/driver has stopped now and is smiling at me and trying to find the right button to roll down the passenger window. Cars are piling up behind her and now blocking the intersection waiting for her to move. I sling the bag of yarn into the car seat and yell "Enjoy!!" as she waves and takes off!! I felt like a drug dealer. Seeing the customer, rushing out to the street, making the drop and her taking off!! lol Ok, maybe I don't have a clue how a drug deal goes down but if you use your imagination......and I sure do hope that was the right lady!


Anonymous Wonderland Knitter said...

Oh no! Yarn Dealers...right on our city streets...what's the world coming to...And who else can we suck in...

10:24 PM  
Blogger katie said...

Twenty skeins of soft merino, you say? Hmm...I don't know who you gave that yarn to, but I want my order back!

Umm, what color was it again? 8^)

Oh, and thank you for my Happy Birthday wish!

9:46 AM  

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