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Saturday, June 03, 2006

June Knit-In

We had the June Knit-In at Gourmet Yarn tonight. It was a tea-party theme although some of us forgot our tea cups!! lol This first picture is of Margeret, owner and gracious host. Doesn't she look gorgeous in that outfit? I really liked it and think she looks so pretty.

We had several new faces (to me) and I don't begin to know everyones name. But there are several shots of various people who were knitting with us tonight. And naturally there were so many projects that made me want to have 12 sets of hands so I could start knitting all of them! lol

This lovely lady is Karen. She is modeling her latest project. Actually it's a felted bag but we were laughing that it could be a hat and I believe Jan said like Mushmouth from some cartoon. It does sorta remind me of that character! lol

And last but certainly not least, Terri won the prize for best tea hat. She wore a pretty vintage hat and I wished I would have gotten a better picture. And Jan is pointing out her newest acquisition, her Harley Davidson shirt. I think it goes along with a bike her husband may have bought.

Next month's theme is a July Cookout. Mmmm mmmm it makes my mouth water already. Margaret and David are cooking burgers and we will bring side dishes and condiments. I think it sounds like a lot of fun. If you can make it we'd sure love for you to join us. We always have a great time with lots of laughs and good conversation.


Blogger Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

I'm so sad that I missed the fun, but I had a pressing task to tend to yesterday.

I'm planning on next month!


3:31 PM  
Anonymous Margaret said...

We missed you, Shelly! Kay - Karen and I are going to get even...just you

5:16 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

I'm glad Terri won for her hat!

Mmm, cookout. . .

8:47 AM  

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