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Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Yarn Priest

I have a Yarn Priest. You've probably never heard of a yarn priest before but it is the name I've given Margaret who owns Gourmet Yarn. A priest you say? Yes, I ask her for guidance and she gives it. I go to her to confess my yarn sins. She either shows me the way to fix those sins or gives me absolution. She will gladly provide me with all the yarn my bank account will allow. She provides a safe haven to come and knit. She welcomes all those who desire to learn a warm and comfortable environment to learn this addictive pasttime. She doesn't know I've given her this new title. But I hope it makes her smile and beam with pride. (Can you tell she is a
bit camera shy?)


Anonymous Margaret said...

yarn priest?? You're such a hoot. I'm not nice enough for that title. lol I'm more like a yarn pimp...yarn addict enabler (and an addict myself)...wasn't smart enough to do anything else....

Maybe Yarn Lord since I had you working as my pimp yesterday! lol (now you'll have to explain that one!)

10:31 AM  

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