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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday Sunday

Ok, Susan F., you've given me "permission" to post pictures of my new shoes. And no, I don't have any funny story to go along with them. No banned shoes at work, no collection to add them to. Just cute shoes I thought would go with many things in my closet this summer. Now if I can get my toes used to the thong between them, I'll be ok. lol

This is the fabric I purchased at Helen Enox a month ago or so. It will eventually become a skirt. I had it spread out on the table, pattern pieces trimmed and ready to lay out. Then had some unexpected company coming and had to put everything away. It hasn't come out since except to take this picture.

I'm a little irritated with myself for forgetting my camera yesterday. Emily, Pam and myself went to the Fiber Rendevous in Arcadia. Emily remembered her camera and hopefully will post some pictures of the event. I did get to see three darling alpacas. They are so soft and these three were freshly sheered. Later on I was sitting on a bench in the shade and I heard this child whining. It sounded like the child was pretty worn out and the whine was real low like he/she had been whining long enough he/she was worn out. I kept looking around trying to figure out where the child was. It wasn't a child. It was the alpacas. That is the sound they make. Cool, huh? There was also a baby lamb with a red bandana around it's neck. I'm not into spinning or dying so the animals were the highlight of the trip for me.

There was one sight we observed that made us laugh. We were sitting on the same bench in the shade and noticed the three alpacas were standing nose to tail, nose to tail and nose to tail. Pretty soon one lifted it's tail and did his business. The next one "observed" this bodily function very closely and then lifted it's tail and did his business. The third "observed" this same bodily function and then lifted it's tail and did the same. We started laughing about how it was such a "group event". Then we remembered when we stopped earlier in OKC for Pam to use the restroom that all three of us trooped in to do the same. Have you noticed women do that a lot? We must not be too far from the alpaca chain. lol

And to end this post, for your viewing pleasure Pretty Little Miss Lexi.


Blogger Terri said...

How funny! That truly was something you had to be there to believe it. ha

Cute shoes.

Can't wait to see the skirt.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous anita said...

group dynamics......funny

9:40 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

Cute shoes!

6:38 AM  

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