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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Alphabet Meme

Thanks, Emily. I will follow your lead.

Accent: Definitely Tulsan with just enough ya'll thrown in to sound deep south.

Booze: Margarita's on the rocks (I'm not much of a drinker)

Chore I hate: Cleaning the refrigerator

Dog or Cat: one adorable kitty girl

Essential Electronics: Computer, television, digital camera

Favorite Cologne: anything patchouli

Gold or Silver: Silver

Hometown: Sapulpa, OK

Insomnia: when something is on my mind upsetting me

Job Title: Sr. Case Manager

Kids: One son

Living arrangements: Lexi, yarn, books, fabric

Most admirable trait: You'll have to tell me

Least admirable trait: Negativity (I work hard to try to curb it)

Number of sexual partners: what is sex???

Overnight Hospital Stays: I've only been hospitalized twice, don't recall how many overnights it was but when I was 5 I had tonsils removed and then I was in for about 5 days when I had my son.

Phobias: Heights, snakes.

Quote: There's nothing more attractive on a man than good manners.

Religion: Raised a Methodist

Siblings: one younger sister (can you tell I'm the oldest by how bossy I am? lol)

Time I wake up: 6:30ish-7:00

Unusual talent or skill: I don't think I can tell that on here. :-)

Vegetable I refuse to eat: brussel sprouts

Worst habit: procrastination

X-rays: teeth, arm

Yummy foods I make: brined turkey; tuna casserole; salsa

Zodiac sign: a Leo of course!!


Blogger katie said...

Oh, this looks fun! Thanks for sharing.

9:21 AM  

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