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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Name Calling

Blogger doesn't seem to be accepting pictures tonight. So you are spared more vacation pictures. lol

Ok, a few days ago I mentioned that my sister and I were called lesbians and nasty sluts while in San Francisco. Here is the story:

My sister had this wild hair that we had to go to the Castro district. Don't ask me why, I don't know. So we catch the F Line across from our hotel and it takes us all the way down Embarcadero, through the Financial District and all the way down Market to Castro. It was a very nice ride. I love those old antique (but refurbished) street cars. Anyway, we reach our destination and hop off. We wander down one street and then cross to the other side. We went into The Body Shop and chatted for a bit with the person working there, got recommendations of where to eat in the area. She/he warned us NOT to eat at Harvey's. lol She/he explained that they did not hire women nor were they kind or helpful to women. Good thing to know as it was a nice looking restaurant in the center of the area we were in. (BTW, I'm not being ugly about she/he, it was a man who preferred to dress as a woman.) So we scout out the recommended restaurants and settle on Slider's. Great burgers and a fantastic condiment bar. We wander into a few more shops and then my sister is ready to go. We are walking back to the F Line stop and I notice there is an obviously gay man standing there ranting and raving about something. There was also another person standing close by so upon first glance I thought they were engaged in conversation. Wrong. By the time we get to the median the other person was gone and the raving man is still carrying on. He's upset over a poster that was put up "underground". He said it used to be a poster of two men kissing but now it was just two men looking at each other. He is going on about how it makes it look like gay men are wrong and so on and so forth. And if this doesn't make sense to you, then you will understand how it didn't make sense to either of us! lol We get on the street car and get our seats. The raving man follows a minute later and stops to explain his upset to the driver. The man goes on about the posters and continues to say that it's those damned lesbians. They are always fronting us men. He yelled he was TIRED of those lesbians. The driver told him to pipe down and go to his seat. So the man takes a seat across from us. He has some bags and puts those on the seat beside him and then leans over so his head is blocked by the metal panel by the doors and takes a long sip from his beer can. He then gets up and goes to rave and rant to the driver again. A few minutes later he goes back to his seat mumbling and repeating the same things over again. We are going back up Market street by this time and he raises his voice again and looks at my sister and I and yells: I'm tired of you lesbians!! You Nasty Sluts!! Now I don't dare turn around. I know my sister is trying not to laugh. I'll have to pinch her if she starts and if I look at her she'll laugh out loud. So I keep my head turned to the front. There are a few others on the street car but no one is looking at or giving the man any attention. After a few stops he gets up to get off. Once he gets off he turns around and glares at us over the top of his sunglasses. If looks could kill. lol I then turn back to my sister and she is grinning and the man behind her raises his eyebrows at me and grins like "sorry"! lol I laughed and said if the raving man had said something true I'd be offended.

Ok, that's the story. The rest of the trip my sister and I took verbal punches at each other (all in jest of course) calling each other a nasty slut. Maybe in our dreams!!!


Blogger Emily said...

Oh yes, it's the lesbians who ruin everything. . .

hee hee.

Glad it was a minor incident in the end, though!

9:51 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

you should have given each other a kiss when he gave you that dirty look...would have served him right!

raving lunatics seem to be a common sight in the bay area! we always joked that the state cut all the mental health money so people end up getting their therapy at school board meetings giving board members HEdouble toothpicks!!

7:58 AM  
Blogger Kay said...

Rebecca... yes, riding on the Muni and the street cars was eye opening. Plus the parks, there were always a few who appeared homeless and several of those who walked around talking or yelling to themselves, obviously mental patients.

It shocked me he didn't realize we were sisters. Two other guys who helped us with directions a day or two before knew it but they didn't appear to be mentally deranged nor drunk! lol

9:48 AM  
Blogger Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Colorful folks one runs into when out and about...especially when they have had too much to drink.

I'm with Emily. I'm glad it was a minor incident.

I've been to SF and I really enjoyed the food, the wharf area, and visiting Chinatown. I also enjoyed the street musicians and the sights. I can't imagine walking up and down all those steep hills all the time. : )

3:40 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

"Not that's there anything wrong with that."

Funny thing we talked about this at GY knit in. ha

6:30 PM  

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