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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Linen and Koigu

Terri, Rosemary and I took a road trip today. We braved the torrential rain and drove up to Tulsa to visit some yarn shops. We first stopped by Fringe. Small shop but it's more a knitting lounge with some yarn, needles and books to pique a knitter's interest. We then drove to Utica Square to Loops. There were a group of knitters at the table up front and one of those knitters was one brave man who was knitting also. I met Kendall and Shelly. Shelly owns the shop and Kendall is a designer who works there as a second job. They have some gorgeous designer yarn. I saw some Debbie Bliss Silk. I have never had such a difficult time putting a skein of yarn back in the display as I did this yarn. It is not only gorgeous but so silky soft!! No wonder it's called Silk. Lucious, lucious yarn. Next we drove over to Stitchworks on Sheridan. We were good yarn dieters there. We managed to fondle and drool and then walked away. The last store we hit was Naturally Needlepoint on South Lewis. And as you can tell by my pictures, I caved. I have been pouring over Mason Dixon Knitting and recognized the Euroflax Geneva Linen yarn Ann and Kay use for the linen hand towels. I've read before that linen washcloths are THE BEST. So I turned and fretted and couldn't decide which color to choose and finally decided to get the pinky-peach color. Then I noticed they had a pretty decent selection of Koigu!!! Yippee!! I don't know what it is about that yarn but I LOVE it! I think Rosemary and Terri do also as all three of us bought some.

By then the rain was just an annoying sprinkle or two. And we made a run to Wild Oats. I think Rosemary fell in love. She wanted to do some serious grocery shopping. But of course we had no way to keep any refrigerated items cool so that wasn't practical. We did notice a man in the parking lot loading his Wild Oats groceries into three separate coolers he had in the back of his SUV. Terri figured he drove a good distance to do his shopping and had come prepared. And all three of us were wondering why on earth Oklahoma City doesn't have either a Wild Oats or a Whole Foods Market? If any of you know the answer to that, please let one of us know.

So after picking up a few healthily prepared items from Wild Oats, Terri and I drug the vegetarian Rosemary over to Coney I-Lander. Terri and I wanted EXIT Coneys. I'm sure you are scratching your head wondering what on earth is an exit coney. Let me tell you the rules when I go to Tulsa. I am not allowed to get on the road heading west to OKC unless I've had a coney from Coney I-lander. Therefore: in order to exit Tulsa, I have to get an Exit Coney. :-) If you've never had one, you need to try it. Terri and her husband Kevin tried them for the first time last week. I think they were very pleased as they sent me a text message to say how good they were! And Kevin sent his order for coneys for Terri to bring home. lol

Once we got back on I-44 and headed west the rain was ending. Doesn't that just figure? lol We talked on the way back trying to decide what to take to the Knit-In next week at Gourmet Yarn. It's a Cinco de Mayo theme and I think I know what Rosemary is bringing. Terri won't make it as she has a birthday party to go to. I was trying to think what would be good and Mexican that wasn't salsa as I'm sure there will be several batches of homemade salsa. So I think I've come up with an idea. It's going to remain a secret for now. But I think it will be delicious!!!


Blogger Emma said...

Sounds like a successful expedition, despite the rain. You were right in my neighborhood! I live about two miles from Wild Oats. And I go to Naturally Needlepoint all the time. Congrats on your purchases!

11:30 PM  

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