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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Screwdrivers, pliers and me

There is a very good reason God made me a female. He knew I could do things with my hands and that my fingers would be nimble and fly at times. He also knew I probably couldn't talk very well without my hands to use for emphasis. So today I got up and my plans were to go to Hancock's (patterns were on sale). Then I remembered I wanted to go to Lowe's also to get a grill. So I get up and get around and drive over to Lowe's where about 1/5 of Norman was also shopping. Found a decent parking spot and grabbed a cart and saw all the beautiful flowers and plants. I knew the spring flower bug had nipped at my heels and especially since every day on my way to work there is a certain pot of perky petunias that wave at me from a neighbor's yard. Ok, I can look at the flowers and then go get a grill. So I passed by the zinnias and those are always good late into the summer so I grabbed four small pots of those. Then I went inside and found some purple and white petunias. They are sooo pretty. I put some of those in my cart and then saw some purple, red and pinks and had to get those also. Then I remembered I needed to get my tomato plants. I'm patio gardening so I only got two but they are heirloom tomatoes. Yippee!! I go inside and they don't have my grill in stock. Darn it. So I check out and load my trunk. Wal-Mart is just across the street and I could park on the side and slip into the garden center door. The grills are just inside. Eureka! I found my grill plus a small patio table. I load everything in the car. Off to Hancock's. I found several patterns I wanted, browsed the fabric for a very short bit, checked out and left. I decided to skip the grocery store and head home. I had a grill to assemble and some swatches to knit not to mention the usual laundry and cleaning screaming to be done. I had planned on breaking that grill in this afternoon. But that is when the assembly of the grill got to me. I thought you screwed the nut over the end of the screw but I quickly found out that I had to hold the nut and use the screwdriver to screw it into the nut. Geeez, that seems so backwards. But it was the only way it was going to work. Those nuts were in some tight, small spaces and my fingers couldn't hold it and twist at the same time. The handles, whew!!! Is there some engineering reason why the holes on the handles were placed about 1/2 inch wider than the holes on the grill?? I had to fight and squeeze this metal handle to get the holes to line up with the holes on the body of the grill and it just flat wore me out. Assembly on the grill took me two hours. God knows my hands and strength are better used on yarn, knitting needles, fabric and thread than to fight and twist and fumble with metal, screws, nuts and pliers. Thank you God. I prefer being a woman.

So this is the reason I went out:

This is what I bought:

The plant fairy gave me this pot of New Guinea Impatiens:

Susan may have the Yarn Inspector, but I have the Grill Inspector:


Blogger Terri said...

Say When - I've got the Brats!

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Wonderland Knitter said...

And did it get the Lexi seal of approval?

7:35 PM  

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