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Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Problem Children Sock Class and Knit-In

Well, as you can tell by the first picture, we found some humor in our toe-up socks. I don't know exactly how this came about. I mentioned it looked like a duckbill and then someone else said a nose cover and before you know it Karen and Anita were modeling for us! Aren't they adorable?

Here is a different view. Anita was disappointed yesterday when I didn't label her a problem child, well Anita, I don't think you have to worry anymore. You fell right in step with the rest of us!! lol See what Margaret had to deal with??

See?? lol

We came to the conclusion that Margaret may have a note at the counter that reads something like this: Karen, Terri, Anita, Jan, Kay, if any of these people call to schedule for a class DO NOT under any circumstances let them be in the same class together. Terri or Karen one hinted that it was by 2 that Margaret started her first drink. lol If only she had!! Maybe she would have felt a bit more relaxed. lol (I promise she didn't drink anything harder than pop.)

This is Cathy. Do you notice her sock and how it compares to the rest? One MIGHT think she was the good student who knitted right along while the rest of us played. Well, there could be some truth to that but she was actually on her second class while the rest of us were just starting the first. Whew!!

Fast forward about an hour and here are some shots of the Knit-In. It's getting very crowded on Knit-In nights. Margaret, David, it's time to elbow the people out of the office next door. Can you imagine how many people would come to knit-in if everyone had a chair?? lol I've also noticed there are many new faces at the knit-ins. And as always, plenty of good food. I'll name a few of the faces at this table (or the backs of heads as the case may be lol) Jen if in the red with her back to us, Susan to her right, Nina, Judy. Across the table, the lady with the long hair is Carolyn's daughter I'm guessing. I didn't meet her but she looked like her mother so I feel my guess is a good one. lol And Carolyn is sitting next to her. Sorry I can't see the other faces at the table.

At the table behind ours is Beverly, Susan, Jennifer, Sherry and Margaret. Karen is knitting at our table on a bag for the Pursenalities contest. I think it will be gorgeous. I don't know how Jan and Terri slipped out of the picture taking but they did. There were a couple of faces missing, Emily and Christy. I don't know Christy was but Emily made a call to us from Beaver, Utah. Emily, if you only knew what kind of conversations started after your call. You would blush, I know I did. lol There were three immediate beaver stories. Jen told one about her using that topic (bald) in class and how in her innocence she didn't realize what it's "other" meaning was. Jan told a story about one that was shaved. And Terri told one about a beaver sighting that became "hers". lol It was so funny. The room was rolling. Margaret did give us some assurance that when we feel guilty or sheepish that we are the ONLY ones who talk about such "blue" subjects in her shop, that we were not the only ones. lol WHEW!!! And now I'm wondering how many hits I'll have on tracksy from some young boy looking up naughty things! If you are one of those who hoped to find the naughty stuff, all three of our stories were innocent!! lol

And here is Rosemolly knitting away with her Harry Potter scarf wrapped around her. Sometimes I wonder if she ever thinks...what is with these older women??? lol

If you missed knit-in you missed out on some good fun. Anyway, that is how I spent my Saturday. I'm sure Margaret and Terri will have their own posts about this. So be sure to check their blogs in the next few days.


Anonymous Wonderland Knitter said...

I LOVE the nose warmers (I always thought Anita would fit right in as a "problem child.") and wasn't the room just electric. What a good time and thanks for putting some names to faces.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Best Saturday I've had in a long time. Let's do it again. ha

4:24 PM  
Anonymous anita said...

Yesterday was really quite fun. It's so good to laugh so hard. I liked the "not-quite-X-rated" afternoon stories as well as the beaver stories. funny. It's so nice to be part of a "group"!! I don't recall crossing my eyes, but they look crossed!

6:04 PM  
Blogger katie said...

Looks like fun! Maybe I'll be able to make it to one of the knit-ins someday. Should I bring my own chair? :)

8:35 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

Well, I was thinking funny things about Beaver when I called, so there you have it. . .

Sorry to miss all the fun!

10:55 PM  
Blogger Emma said...

Looks like lots of fun!

4:38 PM  

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