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Sunday, April 02, 2006

There's no place like home......

Ok, I can see Blogger is up to no good today. So I'll write my post for a SECOND time!!!

I'm so glad to be back. My very first visit to San Francisco and I happen to be there when the city breaks it's 100 year record for the rainiest March on record. I do have to admit the rain they receive is very different than the downpours we get here. Until Friday, the rain was soft, light and gentle. On Friday it was a bit heavier but still nothing compared to what we often receive.

I met my sister (Colorado Springs) in the Oakland airport and then we motored to the Radisson on Fisherman's Wharf. We had to share a king sized bed, ok.....we'd deal with it....after all, she quit wetting the bed years ago. lol The bed was a sleep number bed. Small pitch here, but that thing was GREAT! My number was 80 and my sister's was 35. lol

We dumped the bags, changed shoes and headed to the wharf. It was a beautiful site even though it was damp, nearly dark, overcast and windy. We saw the rowdy boys of Wharf 39....

For the seven days we were there, my sister dragged my behind over every square inch from the wharf to Market Street. I swear we walked a hundred miles (slight exaggeration but I felt like we did). She wanted to visit Chinatown on Sunday. Little did we/I know, that would be worst day to visit. It was soooooo crowded, people everywhere, many doing their weekly shopping. We spent the entire day there and I told her she was lucky she got this out of the way on the first day because I wasn't going back! lol Famous last words. She missed the fortune cookie factory and we had to go back the very next day. Ugh!!! The "factory" is nothing more than a small shop in Ross Alley. Three cookie making machines manned by three ladies and one man. Although his English was rough at best, he managed to tell us he had a relative in Grand Junction, Colorado. It was pretty neat, he couldn't say Grand Junction well but finally got the Junction over by joining his fists in a junction movement. Cool, huh?

The next day I wanted to visit the yarn shop, Artfibers, close to the financial district. (more on that shop later on)

We went to Union Square and saw some fantastic shopping. Nothing I could afford but hey, it's always fun to see. The next day we went to Westfeld Center which is more or less an upright mall with Nordstrom's occupying the top five floors. It was going to be a rainy day so we walked over to Yerba Buena Gardens and the Loew's theaters and saw Inside Man (good movie). This is just a cool building I saw while there.

The next day we ate breakfast at Mama's on Washington Square. It was worth every step.

The day after that, my sister wanted to visit the Castro district. I was a bit hesitant as it was the furthest distance we had traveled (on bus/streetcar) but we went. Met a nice woman/man who made some good lunch suggestions. The burger at Sliders was great and had the best condiment bar I've ever seen in a burger joint. We got on the F Line and had the lovely experience of being called lesbians and nasty sluts. lol I'll tell this story in more detail later. But I did tell my sister if he had said something true, I would be offended instead of laughing about it.

Friday started out sunny and pretty and then turned into the rainiest and almost miserable day. We went on a wild goose chase for a second yarn shop that we never made it to. Those maps make places look so much closer than they are!! lol

We didn't have any earthquakes while we were there but part of a Sausalito hillside slid off due to all the rains. On the way back to the airport I saw several trees that slid down a hillside due to rains. And we happened to be there when the whole BART system shut down because of a computer software upgrade. Thank you, God for not letting that happen while we were on it!!


Blogger Rosemary said...

SO glad you're back!!

12:42 PM  
Blogger Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

It looks like you had a wonderful vacation! I'm so glad you had a good time and that you're BACK!

You forgot to tell us...did you buy any yarn? : )


12:49 PM  
Blogger Emily said...

It was great to talk to you last night and I'm glad you're back.

Can't wait for the rest of the stories. . .

1:53 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

Missed you! Glad you had a wonderful time. Do you need to take tomorrow off to recoup?

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Wonderland Knitter said...

Glad you are back! I love the stories! Can't wait to see more pictures of the trip!

7:21 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

It was good to see my old stomping grounds. That random picture of a building you liked is a hotel that I once stayed at. I loved the pictures of the wharf and the entrance to Chinatown. Sorry it rained the whole time you where there. People live in fear of mudslides! See you on Thursday-we'll be looking forward to the stories....

7:46 AM  
Blogger Rosemary said...

Glad you're home :)

8:47 AM  
Anonymous anita said...

glad you're back and had a fun trip. Can't wait to hear about the yarn shop.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Tandi said...

Wow, those are gorgeous pictures! I love the shot with the paper lanterns.

10:29 AM  

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