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Monday, April 03, 2006

Artfibers in San Francisco

When I knew for sure we were going to San Francisco I knew I'd have to go to yarn stores. After consulting with Rebecca I decided to just visit one store and use the rest of my time on San Francisco things. The closest yarn shop to our hotel was Artfibers on Sutter close to the financial district. Not knowing exactly how far it was on Sutter, we walked a good distance to get there. And of course, it wasn't open yet. lol We went across to Crocker Galleria to find a ladies room. I swear for a city to be such a walking city I wished they had more public facilities available. lol The most consistent sign I saw in all the places we walked by was "restrooms for customers only". I digress. From Crocker Galleria we had the perfect view of Artfibers.

I told my sister I needed to get lots of shots of this yarn shop as I had to tease Emily about not making it to a single yarn shop while she was in Berkley a short while back. So I have several more snaps my sister will send later on. To get to this yarn shop we used this old small "open the doors yourself" elevator. lol

This shop specializes in unique yarns, most of which they are directly involved in the dying and packaging.
This is one of my "oops" shots of some of their yarn. I hope my sister got some better shots than I did. lol

This is what I couldn't leave without:

As you can see the cone is just a foam tube and the labels are printed on a home computer and printer attached with a simple rubber band. I loved this yarn. It reminded me of peacock feathers. It's 100% cotton tape. It will probably exist as fondling yarn for a long time.

By Friday after my sister had drug me through several art galleries I decided I would go visit one more yarn shop. I plotted our destinations that morning and wrote our street car and bus routes. My yarn shop, because of logistics and transportation, would have to be our last stop. By the time we'd visited 2 destinations the rain started. It was heavier than it had been earlier in the week. We made it to 2 more destinations and then got on the bus to take us out to Atelier on Divisadero. I should have called the shop to see which bus route went closest to their store. When we got off on Union and Divisadero, we were many blocks from the store. And these were not regular blocks. These were steep blocks. lol I have never walked down a street and had my toes hitting the inside of my shoes like they did while walking down some of these hills. lol The rain was coming down harder, the umbrellas were only keeping our heads dry and I cried uncle. I was soaked, my sister was soaked so I said forget it, lets just get back to the hotel. Which is exactly what we did.

My sister had an interesting story to tell me while we were there. This might be PG leaning towards R rated, so read on with caution. She teaches in a public school and had to take a day off a few weeks ago. The school contacted a sub list and made arrangements for this one woman to sub for her. Unfortunately, this would be this person's first and last time to sub at that school. It seems she told one of the classes an inappropriate story. She told the class that when she was in college she took her knitting to class one day. She was sitting in class knitting when the professor walked up to her and told her knitting was masterbating. The woman responded to the professor by saying when I knit, I knit. When I masterbate, I masterbate. Hmmmmmm and she didn't realize probably every kid in class would go and tell someone else (including parents) that story???? lol


Blogger Emily said...

Ooh, that Artfibers yarn looks very cool.

That IS a great story at the end, but definitely inappropriate for school.

8:25 PM  
Blogger Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

GREAT yarn! Can you bring it Thursday to Borders for show and tell? : )

I hate that you missed the 2nd yarn shop, but I would have done exactly what you did....headed back to the hotel ASAP.

What was that substitute teacher thinking??? : )


11:21 PM  
Anonymous rebecca said...

yes! you definitely went to SF if it was hard to find public restrooms. I used to plan my outings around known public restrooms.

Well, Artfibers was an excellent choice if you could only choose one yarn shop. I don't think Atelier would have been as much fun.

What grade does your sister teach? It would be interesting to know the context of the sub's choice to share this story!

8:15 AM  
Blogger Kay said...

Shelly: I'll definitely bring the yarn and the melon yarn I got in Tulsa although I've wound it.

Emily: Did you watch Gray's Anatomy? I forgot that story until I saw that episode Sunday and it reminded me. lol

Rebecca: If I had known I would have asked you for a restroom map!! lol and my sister teaches at a jr. high-all three grades. I don't know much more except the tone of the woman's was reported to be arrogant or superior like. lol

2:20 PM  
Blogger Terri said...

When I knit - I watch tv, ride in a car, visit with friends, but when I ..... ha just kidding.

8:12 PM  

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